01. Choose Tires

Select from hundreds of popular brand names

Smart Tires ® inventory includes tires* that fit most automobiles, SUVS, minivans, and some trucks.

*We only sell sets of 4 tires

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Enter Your Zip Code

Entering your zip code will connect you to the nearest Smart Tires® location.

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Find Your Size

To start shopping, you must enter your tire size. Then choose from a wide variety of tires suited just for you!

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Select Your Preferred Brand

Choose from hundreds of brands!

Complete our easy online application

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Easy to Qualify

Virtually everyone with a job or regular source of income can qualify. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

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No Credit Check!

No credit necessary!

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Instant Decision

Once you complete the application, you will receive an instant decision in order to complete your purchase and sign your lease!

Easy and transparent payments

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Low Initial Payment

Only the first payment is due at signing in order to complete your purchase.

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Bi-weekly Payments

Payments as little as $29 every two weeks to coincide with your regular paydays.

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Once you completed our program of 26 bi-weekly payments, you own your tires!

Free and expert installation

Installation is included as a part of your lease! Choose one of our authorized service dealers.

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Speedy Delivery

Based on availability, order may be delivered as early as 24 hours.

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Professional Installation

Every Smart Tires ® installation center has been selected due to their reputation for quality service and professionalism.

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Mounting & Balancing

Mounting your tires along with balancing them is included with your lease and will be completed at the time of installation.